【7巻ネタバレ】死の秘宝 | 中川 (Nakagawa Besu) [pixiv

Harry Potter as an anime. 

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CAST: Top to bottom, left to right

Voldemort, Bellatrix, Draco, Narcissa, Lucius, Regulus (probably), Kreacher, Nagini, Arthur (green jacket), Molly, Charlie (blue shirt), Bill (long hair), Percy (glasses), Ginny, Fleur, Fred, George, McGonagall, Tonks (pink/purple hair), Madam Pomfrey (Professor Sprout, some other female teacher? ), Dobby, Hagrid, Ollivander (Aberforth? some other old guy?), Neville, Luna, Snape, Remus, Sirius, Lily, James, Hermione, Ron, Harry, Dumbledore. 


Sentence Starters - 'Farscape' Crack Edition! AKA the 'Yes This is a Real Show' Edition

  • "Welcome to the Federation Starship S.S. Buttcrack!"
  • "Honey! The butler's dead!"
  • "No one has margaritas with pizza."
  • "Cross my heart, slap me dead, stick a lobster on my head."
  • "I can wear a Freudian slip."
  • "You have the rights to the remains of a silent attorney.... If you cannot afford one, tough noogies!"
  • "It's PUKE?!"
  • "At least he's out of your nose hair."
  • "I can't believe I left a nuclear bomb in an elevator."
  • "She gives me a woody."
  • "Where's my damn ice cream?!"
  • "It's beer o'clock. Now where the hell is my riot?"
  • "Do NOT make me tongue you!"
  • "Okay, welcome to the butthole of the universe."
  • "Great. We've gone from 'Die Hard' to 'Honey, I Shrunk the Hostages.'"
  • "Shoot the damn gun, you blue-assed bitch!"
  • "You were in my shoes, I was in your pants."
  • "I hate when villains quote Shakespeare!"
  • "I'm having sex with three Hynerian donkeys. What does it look like I'm doing?!"
  • "It's called... cop-porn."
  • *with pronounced lisp* "Tho... can I help you find thomeplace to sheath that thword?"
  • "My side! Your side! My side! Your side!"
  • "Is there some kind of stupid alien quotation book you guys use?"
  • "Lock up the women and hide the fried chicken!"
  • "My coma was more entertaining."
  • "On my planet, we don't marry people we don't love. Unless they're critically ill billionaires."
  • "One Mippippi, two Mippippi..."
  • "How animal-centric of you."